Windowless Plane with Panoramic View

Windowless Plane

Panoramic view in windowless plane within 10 years might be game changer.

Flying is love or hate thing. Relatively small space for your legs in economy class, not so pleasant feeling when there is sudden turbulence and much more, that can make flying really very uncomfortable. However, all these things are nothing compared to the view you can get from plane. Related to the view, the new concept has been introduced, which might be the real deal. I mean, you will completely forget that your legs are uncomfortably squashed under the seat.

Team of researches are currently developing a windowless plane in order to cut fuel consumption, cut price of airfares and raise satisfaction of customers. In this prototype developers are trying to replace heavy windows and cabin walls with very lightweight full-length smart displays. According to the Centre for Process Innovation (CPI) in the UK, more than 80 percent of plane’s weight is due to fuel and plane itself. So removing windows and replacing them, could save more, than just fuel.

“If you put windows in a place, whole fuselage of the plane has to be strengthened. By omitting them in favor of walls and screens on panels, the entire body of the plane would be lighter,” said Jon Helliwell, a chemist and director of CPI.

The entire vision is built on an idea, that all the windows would be replaced with hi-definition, ultra-thin and lightweight screens, that can display everything from outside through the cameras attached on the windowless plane’s exterior. You, as a passenger, will be able to control this views with interactive technology and you could also use it as internet browser. There would be option for turning this feature off, if you would like to, but honestly, it can’t get better than seeing night sky and all of other amazing stuff. Screens, that would have this purpose, have to be made from organic light-emitting diodes (OLED’s). With this technology, there is no need for backlight, meaning that they would use much less energy and also could be it thinner then regular displays, such as plasma or LCD.

Windowless Plane with Panoramic View

The main problem, that designers has to deal with it now, is creating OLEDs flexible enough, so they can be used in an airplane ready screen. This has to be durable and (relatively) cheap to manufacture in order to cut costs.

This is such an awesome concept, that you can very easily see yourself already in this plane on long-haul flights, sipping drinks and observing everything what is happening outside of the plane. Let’s hope, that developers will find right solution and we will be able to travel in windowless planes within next 10 years.

Windowless plane with panoramic view (presentation video):


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We recommend to check out also similiar concept of  supersonic jet which uses huge LCD screens instead of windows.

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