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Mount Reinebringen

27 Incredible Views You’d Only See If You Were A Bird


1. Bern, Switzerland 2. Mount Reinebringen, Norway 3. Vancouver, British Columbia 4. Nördlingen, Germany 5. Sydney, Australia 6. Vatican City, Rome 7. Island in the Maldives 8. Moscow, Russia 9. Orange County, Florida 10. Barcelona, Spain 11. Amsterdam, Netherlands 12. Shanghai, China 13. San Francisco, California 14. Chicago, Illinois 15. Athens, Greece 16. Turin, Italy 17. New York City, N.Y. 18. Dubai, United Arab Emirates 19. Mogadishu, Somalia 20. Cape Town, South...

Da Vinci Rotating Tower

Da Vinci Rotating Tower in Dubai!

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The Da Vinci Tower (also known as Dynamic Architecture Building) is a proposed 313 m (1,027 ft), 68-floor tower in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The tower is expected to be architecturally innovative for several reasons. Uniquely, each floor will be able to rotate independently. This will result in a constantly...

Burj Khalifa Dubai

The World’s Tallest Tower

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Top 10 Facts of Burj Khalifa Dubai: 1. The Burj Khalifa Dubai is at 824.55 meters the world’s tallest man-made structure & skyscraper in Dubai. 2. More than 12,000 people will occupy the building’s 6 million square feet. Residential apartments number 1,044. 3. Special amenities include a 15,000 square foot...