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Depression Can Change Your DNA


Depression does not only change the way you think, it can also alter your DNA We know, that there is a difference between feeling sad and being depressed. Depression is a medical illness that causes constant feeling of sadness and lack of interests. It can affect how person with depression...

Change Your Gene & DNA With Simple Thought!


Scientists created a gene network that can be controlled by thoughts. Power of thoughts is really remarkable. It can change our thinking about certain things and it can reasure us that what we know, what we believe in is right. Martin Fussenegger, professor at ETH Zurich also know the power...

DNA-based electrical circuits

DNA as a Part of The Computer!


DNA Wires Can Carry Electric Current! DNA as we know, is the most powerful source of information storage device in human existence. With this powerful features, there is no wonder, that scientists would like to have something as powerful as our DNA also in computing and electronics. Computers have gone...

Glowing Plant

Glowing Plants: Natural Lighting Without Electricity

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A  team of scientists have put together a series of DNA sequences to create glowing plants using synthetic biology and genome compiler’s software – the first step in creating sustainable natural lighting. by combining these new techniques with the principles of modern engineering, they use computers and laboratory chemicals to...

Computer Chip Can Test DNA

Computer Chip Can Test DNA in One Hour

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Panasonic, together with the Belgium-based research institution IMEC, has developed a DNA testing chip that automates all stages of obtaining genetic information, including preprocessing. This development is expected to enable personalized, tailor-made therapy to become widespread. “This is the chip we’ve actually developed. As you can see, it’s less than...

Live Longer

Top 10 New Medical Technologies That Make You Live Longer

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Many of us would want to be immortals. Although it is possible in sci-fi movies and even comics, modern day scientists are still working on technologies that might one day allow us to live a thousand years. Today in this article, we will explore top 10 such medical technologies that...