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Fancy “Lego” Phone? Try Google’s Project Ara!


Google’s Project Ara is a modular smartphone which could arrive in early 2015 to re-define the market Are you ready for complete change in phone industry? Well, the change is already official. Project Ara has green light according to a post, which was posted by ATAP – Advanced Technology and Patents...

Puzzle Unique Smartphones

Puzzle Unique Smartphones


Last year, Motorola showed the world its Project Ara, a development initiative that would help to build a modular puzzle unique smartphones with parts that can be put together as easily as LEGO. Users will be able to assemble different screen, batteries, cameras, keyboards, and other parts to create their...

Talk Gloves

Enable Talk Gloves


Four Ukrainian students have created gloves that allow speech- and hearing-impaired people to communicate with those who don’t use or understand sign language. The gloves are equipped with sensors that recognize sign language and translate it into text on a smart phone, which then converts the text to spoken words....

Grand Wizard Smartphone

Grand Wizard Smartphone By Yu Hiraoka-Dj Smartphone Design

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You can find many smartphone design, packed with apps and features that make things seem just a touch away. All these gadgets come packed with a great music player and speaker options. But the all new Grandwizard by Japanese designer Yu Hiraoka will not only play your favorite piece of...