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Facebook Drone

Facebook’s Drones Will Battle Google’s Balloons


The success of Facebook and Google’s plans to use balloons, drones and satellites to spread Internet access will be decided by challenges on the ground. The future of the Internet lies in the upper stratosphere, according to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Google CEO Larry Page. Facebook recently announced its...

5g internet

South Korea’s 5G – Download Full Movie In One Second


1.5 billion dollars is the amount of money that Korea’s science ministry will invest in creating a superfast 5G wireless coverage by 2020. The ministry wants to achieve speeds that would allow downloading an 800 megabytes large movie in a single second. It also plans to provide internet connection aboard...


Free Internet for the Entire Planet?


Outernet wants to use tiny satellites to take the whole world online, even in countries where dictators wish they wouldn’t. Welcome the Outernet. The implications of free Internet for the entire planet are vast. Cheaper access from Internet providers is probably more of an immediate impact than change in North Korea,...


10 of the Best Internet Hoaxes

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Remember the tourist of death? That guy standing on the World Trade Center with a plane incoming behind him, supposedly this is the moment when 9/11 happened. That photo did a hell lot of rounds on the internet. But well, it turned out to be a hoax but it did...

Steve Irwin Death Video

Top 10 Videos That You’ll Never Find On Internet

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In the modern era, surveillance cameras have recorded many of the incidents that could never be recorded before. Of course, many of these videos are kept from the general public’s eye due to several reasons. Today’s article is about such videos that not only are real but also very hard...