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Fancy “Lego” Phone? Try Google’s Project Ara!


Google’s Project Ara is a modular smartphone which could arrive in early 2015 to re-define the market Are you ready for complete change in phone industry? Well, the change is already official. Project Ara has green light according to a post, which was posted by ATAP – Advanced Technology and Patents...

Google Lense

Google Wants to Integrate Cameras into Contact Lenses

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In January, Google introduced its project of smart contact lenses that could monitor glucose levels, which is especially useful for diabetics. Now, Google is also working on contact lenses with integrated camera for people with visual disabilities. In order not to obstruct vision, a tiny camera will be placed out...


Google Has Prototypes For ‘real-time’ Translation Device

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Google has prototypes for ‘real-time’ translation device, ‘near perfect’ in some uses. Language barriers suck. They suck so much that Hollywood has long used them as a foible in romantic movies. Sci-fi, of course, has long had a fix for such problems: the universal translator. Most iconically utilized in Star Trek,...