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Flag Of Earth – We Know How It Looks Like


Pledging allegiance to the international flag of Earth could become worldwide practice Oskar Pernefeld, a soon-to-be-graduate from Beckmans College of Design in Stockholm, started a new project, where he designed the official flag of Earth. He places it in scenes from around the world and of course, even beyond. The...

Strange Sounds Heard 36km Above Surface of Earth

Strange sounds, whistles and crackles have been heard 36 kilometers (22 miles) above the Earth’s surface “It sounded kind of like ‘The X-files’,” said Daniel Bowman, who constructed the equipment and made the records. This sounds are known as atmospheric infrasound and the frequency is too low (below 20 herthz), so human...


Origin Of A Stonehenge Is Subject Of New Theory

Stonehenge was probably an equivalent of and ancient Mecca Since Geoffrey of Monmouth wrote in 12th century that Merlin flown the stones from Ireland, stories, some more absurd than the others, have raised.  Whether they are saying it was a Druid temple, a centre for healing or an astronomical calendars, Stonehenge is still...


Hubble Telescope Will Celebrate 25 Years With 25 Greatest Images


Happy Birthday Hubble Telescope! Arguably the world’s most ambitious astronomy mission was launched on April 24, 1990, when Space Shuttle Discovery took Hubble Space Telescope into orbit. Hubble Telescope was designed to peek into the farthest places in the Universe to observe galaxies, nebulae, stars and much more. Main goal of Hubble...


Everything You Need to Know About Solar Eclipse 2015


Friday’s rare vernal equniox supermoon solar eclipse 2015, from an astronomical and cultural perspective Yesterday, March 20, was the most amazing day this year. On this day we had change to witness a very rare astronomical event. A new moon “supermoon” total solar eclipse and the spring equinox fell on the same...

Inside Hang Son Doong – The world’s Largest Cave


Breathtaking drone footage shows gigantic Hang Son Doong – ‘Mountain River Cave’ in amazing detail First place in the world for being the largest cave in the world belongs to Hang Son Doong in Vietnam, in Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park, about 450 kilometers (280 miles) south of Hanoi. It is...


3 Archaeology Discoveries That Will Blow Your Mind

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What are the true origins of humanity? These archaeology discoveries will help you understand! There are days when I wonder, where did we come from. What was before us. What was before everything. There is no certain answer to it. I think, that archaeology is one of the best tools...


“UFO” At The Bottom Of The Baltic Sea


Researchers exploring “UFO-shaped” object say their gear stops working when they approach Stefan Hogerborn is a professional diver. He is also part of the Ocean X team which is exploring UFO at the bottom of the Baltic Sea. While there might not be anything special or suspicious about this particular...


NASA Unveils the Dark Side of The Moon


How Moon looks like from the Earth, we already know. But what about the dark side of the moon? Images from the Universe are always fascinating, no matter how often we have seen them. They have some sort of exclusivity, some form of uniqueness because we don’t get to see...


Scientists revealed the truth behind crop circles!

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Scientific studies confirm: “crop circles are made by balls of light” There are not so many people on the Earth who are really interested in crop circles. What I mean is that there are people who devoted their whole life to study crop circles and find out what causes them....