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Windowless Plane

Windowless Plane with Panoramic View


Panoramic view in windowless plane within 10 years might be game changer. Flying is love or hate thing. Relatively small space for your legs in economy class, not so pleasant feeling when there is sudden turbulence and much more, that can make flying really very uncomfortable. However, all these things...

Black Box

Why We Haven’t Built A Better Black Box


We already know that Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 has, with all likelihood, crashed into the Indian Ocean. But the chance to find out more about its story is getting slimmer, as the plane’s black box sends a sonic ping, a kind of emergency signal, only for 30 days. People have...

Lost Plane

3 New Ideas For Finding Lost Planes

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As the seemingly endless search for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 showed, the technology used for locating a lost aircrafts are badly in need of upgrading. When an aircraft crashes at sea, it often shatters to countless parts, which can be carried away for miles and miles across the vast ocean....