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tesla battery main

Is Tesla Battery The Beginning Of The End For Fossi Fuels?


Tesla Baterry Will Completely Change Renewable Energy The main problem with renewable energies is that the sun doesn’t shine at night and wind doesn’t blow all year. But despite these two major problems, solar power and wind power make up to 22%  created electric energy.  Elon Musk blown that final defence on...

Piezoelectric generator is only one atom wide

Piezoelectric Generator – World’s Smallest Electric Generator


World’s smallest piezoelectric generator is only one atom wide On October 15th, 2014 team, which involved researches and engineers, both from Columbia Engineering and the Georgia Institute of Technology, revealed, that they have made the first thinnest electric generator. This was published online, in Nature, by lead author Wenzhou Wu...

Ocean Energy

China Pursues the Holy Grail of Ocean Energy, in a Massive Way


Generating electricity from oceans is one of the oldest and hardest renewable-energy challenges. China is the latest country to try to bring the technology to life. According to the Wall Street Journal’s estimates, the rising superpower has invested about 160 billion dollars into tidal and wave technology and related projects....

Electricity Using Human Brain

Scientists Generate Electricity Using Human Brain!

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The topic is as interesting as the title. After decades of effort, Scientists have devised a way to generate electricity from brain. Researchers from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have designed an implantable fuel cell that can generate electricity from a fluid around the brain (cerebrospinal fluid). The result of the...