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Strange Sounds Heard 36km Above Surface of Earth

Strange sounds, whistles and crackles have been heard 36 kilometers (22 miles) above the Earth’s surface “It sounded kind of like ‘The X-files’,” said Daniel Bowman, who constructed the equipment and made the records. This sounds are known as atmospheric infrasound and the frequency is too low (below 20 herthz), so human...


NASA Unveils the Dark Side of The Moon


How Moon looks like from the Earth, we already know. But what about the dark side of the moon? Images from the Universe are always fascinating, no matter how often we have seen them. They have some sort of exclusivity, some form of uniqueness because we don’t get to see...

Scientists discovered another Earth!

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Meet Kepler-186f – the another Earth like planet outside our galaxy. This might be it. NASA discovered another Earth – planet that is very similar to the Earth by using Kepler Space Telescope. It is the first planet, which has got also similar size as the Earth. It was discovered...


Mystery of dunes on Saturn’s moon Titan solved!


Scientists are investigating how powerful rogue winds shape the somewhat Earth-like landscape on moon Titan. Saturn has 62 Moons which entitles him to the second place in the rank of the planets with the most moons. The first one, of course is Jupiter, with 67 moons. Some of them don’t...


Atypical Signal from Space could be from Dark Matter


Did scientists finally prove that there is Dark Matter in the Universe? The researchers involved in a project in which the main focus was on X-ray data gathered from Universe believe, that they did prove the existence of the Dark Matter. Up till now, the substance has been purely hypothetical,...

Prepared For Extraterrestrial Contact

Are You Prepared For Extraterrestrial Contact?


It looks like that nowadays, people are not talking about anything else, but extraterrestrial life. First, controversial video from Lockheed Martin scientists (check it out in the article: Are Aliens Real), now US top astronomers met with congress to tell them, that extraterrestrial life exists without question. The main argument is the...

Destruction of Society

Destruction of Society


Is destruction of society possible? A NASA-funded study says it is. According to a study published in Ecological Economics and funded by NASA, our industrial civilization may follow the fate of Mayans, Romans, and other civilizations that collapsed in the past. As the paper states: “The destruction of society in...

Lighting Science Bulb

Tired? Wired? This Bulb Can Help


This bulb may look and even shine like any other light bulb, but this LED lamp developed by Lighting Science can actually make people feel more energized or sleepy on command. NASA even plans to use this technology on the International Space Station to help astronauts with their sleep (they...

NASA Bombed Moon By A 2 Tonne Centaur Rocket- A $79 Million Science Experiment To Discover Water On Moon.

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In its quest to discover water on the moon, on 9th October 2009, at 7:31 a.m. ET, NASA bombed the moon by a 2.2 tonne empty rocket using LCROSS (Lunar Crater Observation and Sensing Satellite). The rocket crashed in the moon’s surface at a speed of 5600 miles per hour. The...

Hurricane On Saturn

Big Pic: A Hurricane On Saturn, In Incredible Technicolor

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Cassini spots a huge hurricane swirling at Saturn’s north pole. The hellish red hurricane at the center of this picture may look like a harbinger of destruction, but it is stuck in place with nowhere else to go. The storm has been swirling in the north for who knows how...

Warp Drive

Warp Drive Looks More Promising Than Ever

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The first steps towards interstellar travel have been taken, but the stars are very far away. Voyager 1 is about 17 light-hours distant from Earth and is traveling with a velocity of 0.006 percent of light speed, meaning it will take about 17,000 years to travel one light-year. Fortunately, the...

Robot that Mimics the Movements of Monkeys

NASA’s New Robot that Mimics the Movements of Monkeys

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From giant mechanical jellyfish and manta rays to birds, the field of robotics is quickly moving up the evolutionary chain. In response to DARPA’s Robotics Challenge, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory has produced a bot that mimics the motions of monkeys. The RoboSimian has been designed for search and rescue missions, and like its living counterparts, it can swing...

Moon Landing

Top 10 Reasons The Moon Landings Could Be A Hoax

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The results of recent surveys have shown that roughly 20% of Americans still believe, to this day, that the U.S. never really did make it to the moon. Conspiracy theorists even came up with the theory that the first ever moon landing was faked by the U.S. government as a way to...