Transformers Cars Make First Flights

Transformers Cars

The first successful flights of these strange helicopter-truck hybrids called Black Knight Transformers have been announced. In December, these transformers cars designed for military mission have also passed driving tests.

Interesting ability of these machines is that pilot can either sit inside or control it remotely from the ground. For the first test, it was piloted remotely and reached the altitude of less than 10 feet. The prototype is still far from military service, but the successful tests show that the concept works. The vehicles transform from trucks to helicopters in a subtle way – 8 rotors spring out before taking off, and fold when driving. They can also tilt for more speed in flight.

These transformers cars may be used by the army to transport soldiers to isolated places. They can fly over mountains or other obstacles and then continue on land.

In the picture and video below, you can see how the first prototype of these new military transformers cars looks like.

Transformers Cars Make First Flights


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