Cars with Best Gas Mileage – VW XL1

Cars with Best Gas Mileage – VW XL1

Have you been searching for cars with best gas mileage? Volkswagen just came with the most efficient car ever.

For many years, automakers have raced in production of cars with best gas mileage and struggled to get fuel economy beyond 100 miles per gallon (2.5 liters per 100km). There have been three main ways to get to that point: reducing weight, improving aerodynamics, and tweaking powertrain efficiency. In 1999, Volkswagen got quite close with its small Lupo 3L, a coupe with three cylinder diesel engine that could do 78.4 miles per gallon. But VW did not stop there. They decided to order their star engineer Ulrich Hackenberg to break the 100 mpg barrier. His team had reached that goal quite easily, and now they have achieved even more: stunning 261 mpg with their new model called Volkswagen XL1.

The Volkswagen XL1 is at the top of the list of cars with best gas mileage

The car was designed almost completely from scratch. Many components, including the chassis, were made from carbon fiber instead of steel, to save weight. To cut aerodynamic drag, rear-view mirrors were gotten rid of in order to create a perfect aerodynamic shape. Thanks to these features, only 830cc two cylinder diesel engine and 20 kW electric engine are enough to propel the car for over 500 miles on a small gas tank of 2.6 gallon (less than 10 liters).

Volkswagen XL1 Interior

Volkswagen XL1 Interior

VW will produce a limited run of 250 cars for Europe. Due to American safety regulations, the car may never make it into the U.S. market, but VW claims that the American customers will experience XL1’s super-efficient engine in future VW models.

Volkswagen XL1

Gas mileage: 261 mpg

Weight: 1,753 pounds

Horsepower: 47 diesel, 27 electric

Top speed: 99 mph


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