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Mummified Monk Found Inside Chinese Buddha Statue


CT scan revealed 1000-year-old mummified monk inside of a statue It looks like Meander Medical Center in Netherlands hit jackpot. Their recent discovery could be the real deal. In a nearly 1000 year old Buddha statue they found hidden mummy. The mummified monk recieved CT scan and scientists also took...

Will Submarine be Able to Travel at Supersonic Speed?


Chinese scientists are creating technology that can make submarine travel at speed of sound The key technology to achieve that submarines will be able to travel at supersonic speed has been around for decades. It is called supercavitation. The main idea of this technology is that we can increase the speed...

Ocean Energy

China Pursues the Holy Grail of Ocean Energy, in a Massive Way


Generating electricity from oceans is one of the oldest and hardest renewable-energy challenges. China is the latest country to try to bring the technology to life. According to the Wall Street Journal’s estimates, the rising superpower has invested about 160 billion dollars into tidal and wave technology and related projects....

Intersection Design

Awesome Intersection Design To Avoid Traffic Jams

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There are no gridlocked roads in Li Xu’s world. Traffic flows smoothly and specially designed intersections keep everyone on the move. A clover-leaf-shaped interchange system designed by college student, Li Xu, has moved one step closer to being awarded a government patent. The student from Harbin Institute of Technology in...

Tianmen Mountain National Forest Park

Heaven’s Gate Mountain

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Introduction of Tianmen Mountains (Heaven’s Gate Mountain): The elevation of Tianmen Mountains is 1518.6 meters (the highest one in Zhangjiajie); people may feel amazing that about 40 peaks inside the mountain area are over 1000 meters. Due to the high elevation of the mountain, the day time is longer than...