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Easy Drafting Pen

Easy Drafting Pen Concept


If you have ever drafted by hand for work or pleasure, you know that straight lines are hard to sketch or trace by pen or pencil without something as your guide – and laying down the ruler, triangle or square each time takes, well, time. What if you could just...

ETT transport

New York To Beijing In Two Hours Without Leaving The Ground


Although there are similarities to the Startram concept we looked at recently, this take on maglev-like transport is all on terra firma and, if it ever eventuates, would take passengers from New York to Beijing in just two hours. Advocates of Evacuated Tube Transport (ETT) claim it is silent, cheaper than planes,...

Water-based Material

New Water-based Material that Can Replace Plastics

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Scientists at the University of Tokyo managed to create a brand new material that is composed of 98 percent water. Researchers hope that their latest invention could one day serve as an alternative for petroleum-basedplastics. The latest invention of the Japanese researchers is called Aqua Material and besides water, the...

Making New Elements

Making New Elements

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How scientists create superheavy atoms. Last year, scientists in Germany set out to create the heaviest known element in the universe: element 119. For five months, they attempted to fuse the atoms of two lighter elements to form one large atom with 119 protons in its nucleus. Like other artificially...