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New Technology That Can Attack Cancer Cells Revealed


Another significant discovery that can help doctors cure cancer Every year around 14 million people find out that they have cancer. Around 8 million people die. The number of people who survived cancer could be higher, approximately around one-third. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford treatment and sometimes services are not...


This Man is Able to Survive Without Heart!


No heart? No problem! At least this works for Craig Lewis. This 55 year old man was dying from a heart condition, that was causing build-ups ups of abnormal proteins and no one could help him. He was “dead“. But as resourceful as humans are, two doctors from Texas Heart...

Battery Biodegrades

New Battery Biodegrades Inside The Human Body


The most troubling issue with implantable medical devices like pacemakers is to provide them with power. There are some wireless solutions in the air, but they are mostly too bulky and large. So far, the best solution have to been to put a battery inside the body together with the...