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How to Become Invisible

How to Become Invisible

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Scientists Make Headway Toward How to Become Invisible Fiction and science fiction world has long been playing with the idea how to become invisible, from Harry Potter’s cloak to invisible spaceship shields. In reality, developing a device capable of deflecting light in the way that would make objects invisible is...

What is Graphene

Supermaterial Graphene – What Is It?


What is Graphene? Graphene may be the most amazing material in the world right now. This atom-thick material is stronger than diamond and almost any other known material. It is extremely conductive, which makes it an ideal candidate to replace silicon in all electronics. Its only weakness shows with size,...

Water-based Material

New Water-based Material that Can Replace Plastics

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Scientists at the University of Tokyo managed to create a brand new material that is composed of 98 percent water. Researchers hope that their latest invention could one day serve as an alternative for petroleum-basedplastics. The latest invention of the Japanese researchers is called Aqua Material and besides water, the...