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space and time

Are Time And Space An Illusion?


Every event from past, present and future has already happened. Sounds interesting, right? According to Gabe Perez-Giz, who uses this analogy in his video also said, that we are traveling through events at our own timescale.  If you still don’t understand, imagine that we all are reading a book made of...


Spotted: 4 Amazing UFO Sightings In 2014


Did you catch 4 most famous UFO’s from last year? The year 2014 was probably like many before – interesting things have happened, new discoveries were made and the need for exploration of Space pushed us forward at a faster rate then ever. I am not sure whether this is...


NASA Unveils the Dark Side of The Moon


How Moon looks like from the Earth, we already know. But what about the dark side of the moon? Images from the Universe are always fascinating, no matter how often we have seen them. They have some sort of exclusivity, some form of uniqueness because we don’t get to see...

Scientists discovered another Earth!

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Meet Kepler-186f – the another Earth like planet outside our galaxy. This might be it. NASA discovered another Earth – planet that is very similar to the Earth by using Kepler Space Telescope. It is the first planet, which has got also similar size as the Earth. It was discovered...


Mystery of dunes on Saturn’s moon Titan solved!


Scientists are investigating how powerful rogue winds shape the somewhat Earth-like landscape on moon Titan. Saturn has 62 Moons which entitles him to the second place in the rank of the planets with the most moons. The first one, of course is Jupiter, with 67 moons. Some of them don’t...


The Fastest Stars in the Universe can Approach Light Speed


The idea of stars moving out of our galaxy at a speed of a couple million miles per hours is unbelievable. At the Harvard University, astrophysicists Avi Loeb and James Guillochon created analysis, which shows them, that the stars could move at incredible speed. The results are theoretical, so we don’t know...


Atypical Signal from Space could be from Dark Matter


Did scientists finally prove that there is Dark Matter in the Universe? The researchers involved in a project in which the main focus was on X-ray data gathered from Universe believe, that they did prove the existence of the Dark Matter. Up till now, the substance has been purely hypothetical,...

Prepared For Extraterrestrial Contact

Are You Prepared For Extraterrestrial Contact?


It looks like that nowadays, people are not talking about anything else, but extraterrestrial life. First, controversial video from Lockheed Martin scientists (check it out in the article: Are Aliens Real), now US top astronomers met with congress to tell them, that extraterrestrial life exists without question. The main argument is the...