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Mummified Monk Found Inside Chinese Buddha Statue


CT scan revealed 1000-year-old mummified monk inside of a statue It looks like Meander Medical Center in Netherlands hit jackpot. Their recent discovery could be the real deal. In a nearly 1000 year old Buddha statue they found hidden mummy. The mummified monk recieved CT scan and scientists also took...


Sansevero Chapel – Mystery of the “Anatomical Machines”

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Sansevero Chapel was once place of worship for Sansevero Family, then transformed into their burial chapel and now museum, which holds some very strange objects. Sansevero Chapel is located northwest of the church of San Domenico Maggiore, in the historic center of Naples, Italy. First mention about Sansevero Chapel dates...

Armed Telescope

Armed Telescope

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At the edges of the visible universe, 45 billion light-years away, sit some of the oldest known galaxies. How they formed and developed is a mystery, but a spectrograph installed on Chile’s Very Large Telescope—functional since March—should help astronomers find answers. The six-foot-wide, three-ton instrument contains 24 motorized robotic arms....