City Of The Future – Britain Showed How Cities Could Look Like


City of the future will have much more surprises than you expected. And flying cars are only tip of the iceberg.

Can you imagine how would your home town look in, let’s say, 100 years? You don’t need to try to guess anymore, because very well known architects from all around the world created model of a city of the future that could be real sooner than you might think. And trust me, it is really worth it.

Many famous scientists agree that underground cities will be normal part of our daily life. Under cities that exist now, builders could construct another parts of the cities, that could accommodate millions of people. This is one of the most logic solutions, especially in cities, like London or in Asian cities.


Scientists also agreed that another possible solution could be creating a “floating city” on water. These towns would only use solar and wind energy. Another, very unique, idea suggests that domestic animals will be kept at the roofs of a skyscrapers, or innovative 3D houses that anyone can create based on their preferences , could be possible.


Similar houses can also have their own micro-climate, which could mean that people will be able to live in places that we are not able to live now. 


Scientists also asked regular people, what they think of these ideas. Roughly 10% people like the idea of cities under the water and one in every five people think that floating cities are logical solution. Another 13% people said that the best is to have towns built high in skycity-of-the-future-2

But this is not the end. Brits are very wild, when it comes to imagining what could possibly happen. 12% of them think that the regular trips to Moon or Mars will be completely normal, and it will start very soon.

We all know, that it is very hard to predict what can possibly happen. It is even possible, that all concepts could be reality within next 50 years. I don’t know how about you, but I think that it is pretty exciting.


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Michaela Miklusak

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