eTree – The World’s First Solar-Powered Tree

eTree - solar powered tree

Israeli engineers are introducing eTrees

Who said that energy cannot grow on the trees? Israeli engineers created eTree, that can make energy. If you are interested in solar energy and high tech fields, you know that frenetic Israeli brains are really one of the best in this field. Now, they combined these two together and the result is a unique combination of both worlds – solar tree.

This eTree definitely resembles a real tree, but the canopy is changed for solar panels, that produce energy from the sun. It does not provide just solar energy. It also provides WiFi, docking station to charge your smart-phones and tablets, cold water drinking fountain, a computer monitor, that allows you to video chat with other friends at other eTrees and of course, decorative night lightning. 

The innovative tree was revealed for the first time on Tuesday, October 11, 2014 at HaNadiv Gardens near Zichron Ya’akov. Designers of this tree suggested, that this tree would be perfect fit for residential neighbourhoods and urban centres and also for educational centres. They believe, that it would be very popular, especially with youth as a place to meet up and hang out with their various gadgets.

Entries are operating automatically, with almost none maintenance. It will be offered in two models – basic model and an advance model. The basic model is named Citrus, 3.5m wide, which will offer cold drinking water in schoolyards and parks. Advanced model, named Acacia, 4.5m wide, will serve for all intents and purposes as a small solar power station, with seating areas, night lighting, communication ports and more.

The real eTree

The real eTree

Designer, who is responsible for this is Yoav Ben-Dov. ETree is constructed out of metal tubes, which in this case are the branches, with the upper part, leaves which are fitted into tempered glass bases, that can withstand harsh weather conditions. In total, eTree can provide, in average, energy of 7 kilowatts of power per day.

Sologic chairman, Michael Lasry is definitely a veteran in the solar industry. He is very proud of the fact, that eTree is green in all senses of the world – radiation free, doesn’t pose a danger of electrocution and meets the strictest safety standards. Sologic, as a firm, was established by Lasry and Dov Kotler. It has 10 employees and has been operating in the solar world for about a decade now.

Sologic is currently in talks with China and France about installation eTrees in their cities. Do you think, that we will be able to see them also in other parts of the world? Maybe even your home-town?


The eTree offers phone charging, free WiFi, a cool water drinking fountain, computer monitor and sitting benches (Video Presentation):

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