Skype Translator Preview with Real Time Translation While You Talk!


Skype translator will change communication forever

If you ever had a problem understanding foreign language when you were talking to someone from different country, Skype will make end to this troubles. At the end of this months, Skype will launch Skype Translator preview which is going to be complete revolution in how we communicate with each other.

Microsoft has been working on this translator for more than 10 years. They were working with language specialists and people, who have many years of experience in translation fields. Skype Translator will not be ordinary translator. It will provide you a voice translation in near real-time along with an onscreen transcription of what you have said. So far, there are available 40+ languages.


Skype Translator preview video

The first preview of Skype translator was in May 2014 at the inaugural Code Conference. As role languages, they used conversation from English to German and vice versa during video call. It is still in beta form, so that means that translation is not perfect. But the system uses machine learning, which means, that the more conversation you have, the more accurate the translation will become.

Skype translator demo from the Code Conference 2014 (video):

The Skype Translator is going to be very effective if you decide to learn new language. Also a lot of business can benefit from this idea. This will help the break the boundaries like “I don’t want to talk to him/her, I don’t know the language” and many others.


At first, only a couple of languages will be available, but Microsoft hasn’t confirmed yet which one are the ones. If you want to, you can still register if you want to test drive the service. Upon registration, they will ask you whether you are interested in languages including Arabic, English, Chinese, French, German and Spanish. If you want to do it, you have to have Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 to try the beta version. It is also expected to make this program compatible with Android, iOS and Mac after the service is officially launched.


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