Insane Mountain Biking Over the Most Breakneck Ridge!

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Danny MacAskill The Breakneck Ridge

Danny MacAskill takes a ride along the 992-meter drop of the breakneck ridge in Scotland

Are you afraid of heights? Then you definitely should have not test your limits at the Cuillin Ridge on the Isle of Skye. This breakneck ridge is one of the most rugged hikes, you could possibly find. Even local mountain rescue team advises people, not to underestimate 992-meter high outcrop. Thrill – seeker Danny MacAskill knows that, but it didn’t stop him. This professional stunt rider and YouTube sensation has released his latest death defying video. This video is showing him riding along the Cuillin Ridge.

This video, called The Ridge, is 7 minutes long and shows an amazing amount of control on two wheels and also incredible combination of different skills and techniques.

At the beginning of the clip he said: “I have always wondered if it would be possible for me to ride mountain bike up there”, this all was said before he decided to go on a path full of blisters, jumping among the stone fields and last but not least with the pain in his back. But at the end, all was worth it. This video is nerve wracking even just to watch. See for yourself!

Breakneck mountain biking by Danny MacAskill along the Cuillin Ridge (Video):

Danny is originally from the Isle of Skye, but he has never tried to conquer his home place. Back in 2008, he moved to Glasgow to work in a bike shot. The video got online and Danny immediately became a sensation in the YouTube world. The stunts he performed seemed almost impossible and from there, it was just a small step to get sponsorship from Red Bull.


Last year he released the video, called Imaginate, that has more than 26 milion views! It was in the making process for two years and is also 7 minutes long. This video, however, was shot inside, but it is still amazing and mesmerizing to watch.

Danny MacAskill’s Imaginate (Video):

After this amount of publicity he got from doing what he loves the most, he recently told the Independent: “Never in a million years did I believe, I would be pulling off stunts for a living. Since I was a little boy, I’ve had bike heroes and loved to ride, but it’s not that I use it to express myself. Its just that riding is what makes me tick. My brain is tuned to create obstacles and I get kick out of solving them on my bike.” He also said, that it was one of his biggest dreams to come back home and ride a bike up on this extremely breakneck ridge.

Danny MacAskill Breakneck Ridge Mountain Biking

Danny MacAskill: The Breakneck Ridge Mountain Biking

Kudos to you, Danny MacAskill, for showing us another amazing piece of the world with your incredible set of  skills!

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