Is Tesla Battery The Beginning Of The End For Fossi Fuels?

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Tesla Baterry Will Completely Change Renewable Energy

The main problem with renewable energies is that the sun doesn’t shine at night and wind doesn’t blow all year. But despite these two major problems, solar power and wind power make up to 22%  created electric energy. 

Elon Musk blown that final defence on April 30, 2015, in California, where he introduced new Powerwall – a wall-mounted energy storage united that can hold 10 kilowatt hours of electricity energy and deliver it at an average of 2kilowatts, all for US$3,500. 

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According to Deutsche Bank, the electricity price is around US$500 per kWh and that includes installation costs and inverters. That translates into delivered energy at around 6 cents per kWh for householder, which means that a domestic system plus storage would still come out ahead of coal-fired power delivered through conventional grid.

The Tesla battery is very  extensive. The Powerwall system offers 10 kWh and it is targeted at domestic users, and stack of 100 such a unites can form 10 megawatt hour storage unit that can be used at the scale of small electricity grids.

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This could be very useful if whole communities build a micro-grid power supply systems. At the launch of Tesla Battery, Elon Musk said that the entire electric power grid of the US could be replicated with 160 million of these energy storage units. And two billion of them could provide storage of 20 trillion kWh and that could be electric energy for the world

However, Tesla Battery is not the only one in the world. There are already companies in China, such as BYD, producing their own energy storage unites, These units are based on lithium ion technology and are ment to be used for both, domestic and commercial usage. But they are not as cheap or sleek as Tesla Battery.


Tesla Battery will be manufactured in United States, over the border from California in Nevada.  Elon Musk and Tesla mover forward to better storage as well as renewable power generation. From now on there is no  turning back. Exciting, right?


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