Skully Helmet AR-1: World’s Smartest Motorbike Helmet

Skully Helmets AR-1

New game-changing helmet, Skully Helmet AR-1, for your motorcycle with extra eyes and much more.

If you are motorbike fan and if you also own one, you also know, that helmet is essential for your safety and protection. There is no way that you should be driving around without one. Founder and CEO of the SKULLY helmet thinks, that he can provide you much more than just safety. He also went through multiple accidents and after that he started to look for a helmet, that could offer him a rear view camera, HUD directions and GPS. I don’t have to say, that his looking for this kind of helmet was not successful.

“At the time, I didn’t even have a motorcycle, but I was ready to spend money on it, which made me realize, that I needed to build it,” said Weller about his SKULLY helmet.

Skully Systems

Skully Systems

 His accident back in 2011, when he took eyes off the road for one second to read the road sign, made him go to drawing board and he himself designed exactly what he wanted. The result is SKULLY Helmet AR-1. Inside AR-1, there is a heads-up display, just below your right eye. This display does not interfere vision. It offers a 180 degree view of what is behind you because of the ultra-wide camera. This means, that if you have this helmet, you don’t have to move your head in order to see what is happening behind you or around you. The screen can also be used as GPS monitor thanks to built in antenna.

Skully Helmet Inside View

Skully Helmet Inside View

 Another cool small gadget, that this helmet has is Bluetooth. This can help you to make hands-free calls using the voice recognition software, but you can also stream your favourite music service. The companion app ensures, that the heads-up display is sitting in the optimal condition as no two riders will have the same head and face. Still not convinced? See for yourself, what people who tried SKULLY has to say about it:

 Even though, that this helmet is great, because of the all small things built inside, but could this helmet be also a further distraction to motorcyclist? After 100.000 beta tester applications, Weller made an official campaign on very famous Indiegogo to find the funding source. Of course he did it and found many people, who helped him. His campaign has raised over 1.5 million Euros ($2 million). The initial goal was 200.000 Euro ($250.000). If you wish to get one for yourself, the cost of this helmet is almost 1200 Euro ($1400).


SKULLY AR-1: Rebel Innovation (Video Presentation):


Skully Helmet AR-1 Description

Skully Helmet AR-1 Description

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