Flying Car in 2015. Is It Possible?

Flying Car in 2015

It’s not only possible, it’s real! And its name is Aeromobil.

When Marty McFly, in the movie Back to the Future, traveled forward to 2015, one of the most obvious signs that civilization had advanced was the awesome flying car. Year 2015 is almost here and this “science-fiction” car is truly becoming everyday reality.

No more traffic jams! – Slovakia built first flying car.

In a small country, Slovakia, in the Eastern Europe, a company called AeroMobil funded by well known Slovakian designer, Stefan Klein, made first flying car.

This project dates back to 90-s, but has its roots back when Czechoslovakia was still a thing.

There is not real big surprise, because a team that is responsible for the flying car revealed their intentions last year in Montreal. On this convention, they introduce prototype AeroMobil 2.5. With this car, Klein successfully passed also flying test. Within next year project went through changes, that were about to make it more practical, following mass production.

How AeroMobil 3.0 will look like you can imagine by simulations on computer on the official website of the project. According to AeroMobil, this car will be driven by Rotax 912 motor which will be cooled down with water and air.

Aeromobil 2015

Flying Car Aeromobil 2015

For flying, car will be using propeller. Maximum speed as a car will be 100 mph and more (160 km/h and more) and as a plane it can cover 430 miles (700km). Consumption of fuel is same as is its with planes, in liters per hour of flight. AeroMobil needs about 15 liters, so consumption of fuel per 100km is 7,5 liters. It is also capable of landing on just 50-meter strip of grass, though it needs a longer, 250-meter runway for take off. The big deal with this car is, that it can use regular fuel, making it independent of the airport services. Changes between car and airplane will be automatic, so there won’t be any technical skills involved. On road, the car is 1,6m wide and with wings distributed to the sides it is 8,2m. Length of the car is always same – 6m, on the road and also in the sky.

Currently, there is only one flying car on the market made by American company Terrafugia. Flying car from Slovakia is different because it is more actual plane, than flying car, hence more safety while you will be in the sky. Interior can fit two people.

First Flying Car in 2015

Aeromobil Interior 2015

First official introduction was on October 29 2014, in Vienna, on Pioneers convention. Most probably, this flying car will be successful in North America, where they are more keen on having own flying transport. Of course, till then flying car, AeroMobil, will have to pass all necessary tests and have all certificates in 2015. But why not having your own plane that can be a car at the same time? Sounds temping enough.

Flying car could become everyday reality in 2015 (Video Presentation of AeroMobil 3.0):

Aeromobil flying car specification

Aeromobil 3.0 Specification

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