Ocean Energy Turbines Could Help Save Our Earth

Ocean energy turbines

I won’t be going around in circles and I will say it straight – we need to change our behaviour towards the Earth. We already took enough, it is time to give something back or at least, let Earth rest. If we are taking into consideration time in what our ecosystem and climate is breaking down as a result of our actions, finding solutions is necessary, if we want to continue to live here. This is one of the reasons, why we are bringing to your attention this project which you can also contribute to.

Crowd Energy has made a huge step forward in that realm by creating ocean energy turbines. In other words, they made ocean powered generator, which is able to create high amounts of electricity.  This device is, of course, fish friendly and also protects the environment around from any electromagnetic radiation that may occur. The energy created with these turbines is then transferred to land, where it can be used as a same way as energy is used today.

Crowd Energy - Turbine Testing

Crowd Energy – Turbine Testing

Crowd Energy is a very reputable company with over 150 years of experience in the ocean industry. They were working on the Ocean Energy Turbine for long 8 years. Now, they are looking for help from the public, to raise funds which can help them build large-scale systems. After they will raise enough money, they will test the turbines at the Florida Atlantic University. They also released video, which can fully explain to you, how their technology works and what they will do moving forward.

Ocean Energy Turbine (Video Presentation):

“We have specialists in subsea engineering, oceanography, marine ecology and conservation, electrical engineering, fabrication and design. We have the experience, technology and expertise to make this vision reality”, said Crowd Energy.

This is a big step forward. With this technology, we could end the need for fossil fuels and nuclear powers. That is why, they decided to bring their project to Indiegogo, to seek help from people who care about environment. Their main goal is 1.000.000 USD and if they are successful, they will be able to rapidly move forward with this project. First step, will be to move company’s operations to Florida Atlantic University (FAU) where they will use the Southeast National Marine Renewable Energy Center (SNMREC) at FAU. This test will be open water. After they will successfully install these turbines, they will be the first underwater turbines to deliver clean and safe, renewable energy to the power grid.

“At Crowd Energy, we aim to lead innovation in clean and safe ocean energy around the globe. We are Crowd Energy because we are a crowd of energy enthusiasts focused on solving the Global Energy Crisis responsibly. Together all of us can be an example and ensure our world will be clean and sustainable for future generations.”

Crowd Energy - Turbine Desing

Crowd Energy – Turbine Desing

Crowd Energy - 4 Basic Criteria

Crowd Energy – 4 Basic Criteria


Ocean Energy Turbine Farm (Video Demonstration):

If you would like to contribute to Crowd’s Energy campaign, you can do so, by clicking here.

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