Remote, That Might Actually Be Universal


Meet NEEO  – the thinking remote

We all know the real struggle with finding the right remote. You want to change TV channel, turn up the volume when you play your favorite CD and you have to reach out for basket (or whatever you are storing your remotes in) and pick up the one that is needed. Of course, there have been remotes, which were universal, but at the end they had hard time keeping up with the progress. The gadgets were relying on older tech like infrared, while many devices have moved on to more advanced wireless technology such as Bluetooth. But now, everything seems to be changing.


NEEO remote

The ambitious project named NEEO started on Kickstarter. The principle of NEEO remote working as remote, which is really universal is a hub device that is able to send signals to all of your devices. However, this approach is not that new. Logitech already has a Harmony Home Hub, that tries do to something similar. I have one question in mind right now, that you might be asking: “So what does make NEEO different from Logitech?” The answer is very simple – connectivity.

Well, first of all , it can control traditional devices via infrared. NEEO remote is packed with common standards like Bluetooth 4.0, Bluetooth BLE (low energy), Wi-Fi, 6LowPAN, ZigBee, Thread and Z-Wave. This will not only allow this remote to connect to your TV but also some of your home devices. The team wants it to work with the newest technology but also with older one.


NEEO remote


NEEO’s is also offering a smartphone app that will allow you to control your devices. But the team also know, that the apps are sometimes as clunky as remotes. You need to unlock your phone, find the right app, wait for it to load and so on. Phone does lack the tactile feedback that let you use it without having to look at the screen. That’s why there is another option available – physical remote control. It has got high quality touch screen with some amazing features like hand recognition, which is programmed to know who in your house picked up the remote.


NEEO brain – solid aluminium & acrylic glass

All this sound really amazing in theory, but as with so many crowdfunded projects we will see what it can do when it will be available. At least, NEEO is seeking funding for the first production rather then the research and development, which has already been done.

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