Underwater Hotel & House

Underwater Hotel and House

Underwater hotel and underwater house, H2OME, will soon be reality

We all know, that the sea level is dangerously increasing. With global warming and melting of the icebergs, it is no surprise. Are we ready for the situation, that eventually all the land will be under the water and what now is a shore will be ocean floor?

U.S Submarine Structures think that we already are – or at least they are and we will be. People working at US Submarine structures deigned undersea and semi-submersible residential and commercial buildings and they are already working on it. This underwater hotel (resort) will be located in Fiji and it is named (very appropriately) Poseidon.

Underwater Resort (Hotel)

Poseidon Underwater Hotel

Underwater Hotel

Poseidon Underwater Hotel 2

Undersea resort in Fuji

Poseidon Underwater Hotel 3

Poseidon Underwater Resort

Poseidon Underwater Hotel 4

Underwater Hotel - Poseidon

Poseidon Underwater Hotel 5

Undersea Resort in Fiji (Poseidon)

Poseidon Underwater Hotel 6

The underwater house is known as H2OME. It has got two floors, both of them are completely under water. It must be built at a depth of 10 – 20 meters (33-60ft). This doesn’t mean, that you have to be a scuba-diver to access the house. It is fully accessible from the shore, via either special staircase or a central elevator.

The top floor has a master bedroom with en-suite bathroom, kitchen with wine cellar, library, lounge, dining area, office space, bar and last, but definitely not the least, number of viewing spots, where you can observe ocean as it is. On all the walls that face the sea, on the lower floor, there are going to be installed acrylic panels. This will allow the residents to have panoramic views. For stability, the H2OME is connected to struts, that are attached to the ocean floor. H2OME can maintain same air pressure as on the surface above. This removes the need for all of the decompression process. Structures like electricity and water are provided by pipes from the “mainland”. But if you feel more adventurous, there is the availability to more self-sustaining version of H2OME, that is capable of tackling its need for fresh water and electricity on its own.

Underwater House in Fiji - H2ome

Underwater House – H2ome


Underwater House – H2ome 2

Underwater House - H2ome

Underwater House – H2ome 3

Underwater House - H2ome - Dining Room

Underwater House – H2ome 4

Underwater House and Underwater Hotel

Underwater House – H2ome 5

I am, personally, really looking forward to such homes. The company also says, that it is possible, that H2OME will create a coral garden, that can be home to numerous fish and many different invertebrates. If you dream about living here, I have also price for you. You might want to sit down – it costs 8 million Euro ($10 million).


Poseidon Undersea Resort (virtual tour):

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