Grand Wizard Smartphone By Yu Hiraoka-Dj Smartphone Design


Grand Wizard DJ Smartphone

You can find many smartphone design, packed with apps and features that make things seem just a touch away. All these gadgets come packed with a great music player and speaker options.

But the all new Grandwizard by Japanese designer Yu Hiraoka will not only play your favorite piece of music but will make you a DJ too. With an option to remix sounds and create music one can easily produce their own remixes. The portable DJ smartphone also allows you to make a party anywhere you go.

Grand Wizard smartphone looks like a really weird handset. It consists of three sections each of which has its own display. The turntable is hidden and can be revealed easily by sliding it out.

A click wheel is mounted on each side of the mini board while on its center lies a touch panel. Click wheels can be used for mixing, while the screens on the side will possibly lay out tracks for you to edit. There’s also a front camera on board and the touch panel at the bottom that can bring an equalizer. This is basically a portable mixing station and if you slide the fader to the left you will manipulate one media on the left screen and doing that on the right will take your music making to the right side.

As it stands now, Grand Wizard smartphone is just a prototype and Hiraoka does not mention when it’ll be made commercially available.

Grand Wizard DJ Smartphone

Grand Wizard DJ Smartphone


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Andrew J. Blanche

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