South Korea’s 5G – Download Full Movie In One Second

5g internet

1.5 billion dollars is the amount of money that Korea’s science ministry will invest in creating a superfast 5G wireless coverage by 2020.

The ministry wants to achieve speeds that would allow downloading an 800 megabytes large movie in a single second. It also plans to provide internet connection aboard the super-fast 500 kilometer-per-hour bullet trains.

Many important organizations are involved in this project that aims to develop the new generation of mobile internet until 2020, which is an official deadline. Korean giant Samsung, the European Union, and Chinese rising national champion Huawei all confirmed their involvement and said they will aim to commercialize the expensive technology by then.

Any of this will not be easy to do in such a short period of time. Apart from drastically improving the speeds of connection – as much as hundreds of times faster than current 4G networks – 5G also should have fewer dead spots, or area without coverage, and use less power than 4G. If successful, this will be a great leap forward, at least for the small Asian country.


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