This Man is Able to Survive Without Heart!

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No heart? No problem!

At least this works for Craig Lewis. This 55 year old man was dying from a heart condition, that was causing build-ups ups of abnormal proteins and no one could help him. He was “dead“. But as resourceful as humans are, two doctors from Texas Heart Institute proposed a revolutionary new solution.


Craig Lewis, 55, was the first man to have a ‘continuous flow’ pump to replace his entire heart.

They proposed to install a “continuous flow” device, which allows blood to circulate in his body without having a pulse. Kudos to Dr. Billy Cohn and Dr. Bud Frazier for saving life of Craig Lewis. Within one day, Mr Lewis was awake and was also speaking with physicians.

The reason behind this operation was that, that Mr Lewis’s amyloidosis was getting really bad. The doctors didn’t give him even 12 hours of life.  The device was, of course, developed before and it was also tested on nearly 50 calves. One day they removed calve’s heart and next day, the calve was doing everything they were doing the day before – eating, sleeping and moving. Without heart.


The device

This device works by supplying a continuous flow of the blood through body, using blades to move it along. According to Dr Cohn it contains a “moderate amount” of homemade materials. Wife of Mr Lewis, Linda, was truly amazed when she was trying to find his pulse. She said, that when she was trying to listen, there was a hum.


The Texas Heart Institute said, that before this revolutionary device could be installed to Mr Lewis’s body, he was reliant on a dialysis machine, a breathing machine and not to mention an external blood pump. All this happened in March 2011. The president of the Texas Heart Institute Dr James T. Willerson called it a medical history in the making.


The device already installed in the body

To honor the successful operation, there was created a short movie directed by Jeremiah Zagar and produced by Jeremy Yaches, It is a story of two visionary doctors from the Texas Heart Institute, who proved that life is possible without a pulse or a heartbeat. See it for yourself in the video below!


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