3 Archaeology Discoveries That Will Blow Your Mind

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What are the true origins of humanity? These archaeology discoveries will help you understand!

There are days when I wonder, where did we come from. What was before us. What was before everything. There is no certain answer to it. I think, that archaeology is one of the best tools that we can use to find out more about us. There are so many mysteries surrounding us that we are just discovering. Archaeology discoveries help us uncover what was covered, and understand what we do not understand. But as with everything, there is always more. Are you ready for the most amazing forbidden archaeology discoveries?

1. The Fuente Magna Bowl


The Fuente Magna Bowl is one of the most controversial artifacts in South America. It is a stone bowl, very similar to container for making libations, baptism or for purification ceremonies. It was found by villager near Lake Titicaca. The engravings on the bowl are Sumerian. Inside of the bowl was engraved with words that looks like cuneiform signs. Photos of inside were sent to linguistic around the world. They declared, without any doubt, that the inside script is Sumerian cuneiform. Clyde Winters was able to completely translate the content of the interior of the bowl.


After he translated it, it became more interesting for two reasons. Firstly, these panels have proto-Sumerian symbols mixed with the cuneiform symbols. Secondly, the wedges of the Fuente cuneiform signs are pointing rightward, while on the most Sumerian cuneiform texts is leftward.  The Fuente Magna Bowl is one of the most important archaeological discoveries that confirms the link between Mesopotamic and Mesoamerican cultures, stating that Sumerians settled in Bolivia 5000-4000 years ago. 

2. Lake Winipesaukee Mystery Stone




Age, purpose and origin of this archaeological discovery is unknown. It was found in late 1800s. The carvings on one side show an image of corn and other unknown figures. On the other side, there are more abstract pictures – arrows, a moon, spiral and some dots. Through the whole stone, here is a hole, bored from both ends with different size bits. The precise details is obviously very advanced to the possibilities of those who supposedly made it, i.e. American Indian tribe.



3. The Stone Spheres of Costa Rica



Around 3ooo round stones can be found in Costa Rica, located on the Diquis Delta and on the Isla del Caño. These spheres range in size from a few centimeters to over 2 meters (6.6 ft) in diameter, and weight up to 15 tons!  The spheres were first time discovered in the 1930s. There are numerous myths surrounding, such as they cane from Atlantis, or they were made like this by nature. It has been claimed, that the spheres are perfect, or near perfect roundness. These spheres are sculpted from gabbro. Research was lead by Joseph Davidovits of the Geopolymer Institute in France to support one of the possible theories – some native inhabitants had access to a potion, which was able to soften the rock. But because of the gabbro, this was not possible, because it is not possible.

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  1. these are fallen stars that have shot up from the earth hit the dome and fell to earth

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