Fancy Personal Assistant? Create Your Own Siri with system called SIRIUS


Create your own Siri with a new computing system that is designed to start a new generation of “personal assistants”- Sirius

Do you want to create your own Siri? I have good news for you – this has never been easier. This open-source computing system, which allows you to do so, is called Sirius. Sirius was “born” in University of Michigan. It is very similar to Siri, Microsoft Cortana and Google Now. All of these systems accept voice instructions and are able to answer questions, that you might have, in a spoken words.

Jason Mars, U-M assistant professor and co-director of computer science and engineering and co-director of City Lab, where Sirius was developed  said: ““Now the core technology is out of the bag, and we all have access to it. Instead of making an app to run on the Apple Watch, for example, maybe I could make my own watch. We’re very excited to see what the world comes together to build and learn with Sirius as a starting point.”

The developers plan to introduce Sirius on March, 14 at the International Conference on Architectural Support Programming Languages and Operating Systems in Istanbul. After it will be presented, the software will be available immediately.

So what is Sirius? It is end-to-end voice and vision personal assistant.  It is packed with speech recognition, image matching, question-and-answer system and natural language processing. You can enter your answers by talking to a device. Another option is that you an also use speech and image. This is unique and current commercials system cannot do.


credit: Mars et. al.

The demo version of Sirius is a talking Wikipedia. The site is loaded with static version and you can ask factual questions.

Mars described Sirius as the Linux of  “intelligent personal assistants”. Sirius got its speech from Carnegie Mellon University’s Sphinx, Microsoft Research’s Kaldi and Germany’s RWTH Aachen “RASR” project. The question-answer system is from OpenEphyra, which was the beginning for IBM’s Watson. Recognition of the images is from the SURF, a computer-vision algorithm.


Mars thinks that Sirius is an very important platform for research and development of a computers of a next generation. Sirius can be also seen as test subject for studying how the data centers that process voice-enabled queries should progress in order to keep up with growing pressure from wearable gadgets.

Siruis is free and you can customize is easily. Researchers think, that it is a big step forward on communiation between computers and human.


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Michaela Miklusak

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