Does Afterlife Exists? Scientist Proved Existence of the Soul

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Harvard Neurosurgeon Proved Existence of the Soul

There has been countless reports from people who claimed that they experience afterlife. They returned and shared their stories. In between those people, there is one who stands out from the crowd. Dr. Eben AlexanderHarvard trained neurosurgeon of 25 years. His story is not something that can be easily written off as hallucination.

Before he experienced afterlife, he was also one of those people who did not believe in existence of the soul as non-physical spirit. Who can blame him – almost all of his life surrounded by medical colleagues who believe in materialistic view of the Universe. But Dr. Alexander change his mind after he spent 7 days in coma. His coma was caused by severe bacterial meningitis and his experienced a vivid journey into the afterlife. After that he “returned” into his physical body and he experienced a miraculous healing.


On his journey to the afterlife he was not alone. Dr. Alexander was guided by beautiful angelic being and shown the Divine Source, which he referred to as “Om.”. Because of his experience, he said that life on planet Earth is some sort of test of personal growth. The only way how to make progress in this test is to overcome evil while spreading love and compassion.

In his book, Proof of Heaven,  which he wrote after he came back he pointed out somethings, that are worth mentioning, Dr. Alexander said that the experience was so real and expansive that the experience of living as a human of Earth seemed like a dream. The communication was telepathic. There was no need for spoken words. Everything what you wanted to know was immediately answered to you telepathically.


Dr. Eben Alexander who proved existence of the soul

This seems like an awesome experience, but what is the difference between this experience and all the others? Neocortex of Dr. Eben was completely nonfunctional during the time he was in coma. It was because of his sever bacterial infection and there is no scientific account for why he experienced this. In fact, Dr. Alexander himself gave 9 different scientific explanations for his experience.

Some of the explanations would make no sense to us, normal people, who do not understand neuroscientific terminology. Instead of trying to explain all 9, we choose five most common explanations he also refutes (all of the explanations are taken verbatim from his book).


1. A primitive brainstem program to ease terminal pain and suffering (“evolutionary argument” – possibly as a remnant of feigned-death strategies from lower mammals?).  This did not explain the robust, richly interactive nature of the recollections.

2. The distorted recall of memories from deeper parts of the limbic system (for example, the lateral amygdala) that have enough overlying brain to be relatively protected from the meningitic inflammation, which occurs mainly at the brain’s surface.  This did not explain the robust, richly interactive nature of the recollections.


3. DMT dump.  DMT, a naturally occurring serotonin agonist causes vivid hallucinations and a dream-like state.  I am personally familiar with drug experiences related to serotonin agonist/antagonists (LSD) from my teen years in the early 70s.  I have had no personal experience with DMT but have seen patients under its influence.  The rich ultra-reality would still require fairly intact auditory and visual neocortex as target regions in which to generate such a rich audiovisual experience as I had in a coma.  Prolonged coma due to bacterial meningitis had badly damaged my neocortex, which is where all of the serotonin from the raphe nuclei in my brainstem (or DMT, a serotonin agonist) would have had effects on visual/auditory experiences.  But my cortex was off, and the DMT would have no place in the brain to act.


N,N-Dimethyltryptamine – DMT

4. A reboot phenomenon – a random dump of bizarre dis-jointed memories due to old memories in the damaged neocortex, which might occur on restarting the cortex into consciousness after a prolonged system-wide failure, as in my diffuse meningitis.  Especially given the intricacies of my elaborate recollections, this seems most unlikely.

5. Unusual memory generation through an archaic visual pathway through the midbrain, prominently used in birds but only rarely identifiable in humans.  It can be demonstrated in humans who are cortically blind, due to occipital cortex.  It provided no clue as to the ultra-reality I witnessed and failed to explain the auditory-visual interleaving.

All this things make his experience the most credible account of all time. His scientific background is good enough to believe that he proved existence of the soul.

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