New Electrical Clothing Can Charge Your Cell Phone


Clothing Can Charge Cell Phone

One of the future inventions that could greatly impact our lives are nanoribbons. Rubber films developed by engineers at Princeton University could power mobile devices and other electronic devices.
The silicone sheets are embedded with ceramic nanoribbons (piezoelectric ribbons) that generate electricity when flexed, converting mechanical energy to electrical energy.
Materials made of this material, such as shoes, would harvest electrical energy created from walking and power everything from an ipod to a pacemaker.
The nanoribbon strips are so narrow that 100 fit side-by-side in a space of a millimeter. The strips are then embedded into clear sheets of silicone rubber to create a chip.
These sheets could be woven into fabric and placed against any moving area on the body to create electricity.
For example, a vest made from this material could take advantage of breathing motions to generate energy.
Nanoribbons are highly efficient in converting about 80% of mechanical power into electricity.



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Andrew J. Blanche

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