Are Time And Space An Illusion?

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Every event from past, present and future has already happened.

Sounds interesting, right? According to Gabe Perez-Giz, who uses this analogy in his video also said, that we are traveling through events at our own timescale. 

If you still don’t understand, imagine that we all are reading a book made of graph paper. Everyone agrees that we have read the same book, but we cannot agree on what page certain events happened, how many pages are between different events or even order of these events. Except, the story is the same.

According to Gabe and his video, we have to give up understanding of how time and space work. We also have to understand, what spacetime is. It is external reality that underlies our collective experience of the space between things and the time between events. 

There is, however, one question: why time and space cannot be reality? Why do we need to add spacetime? Here is why.

Diagrammatic representation of spacetime

Diagrammatic representation of spacetime

Imagine two observers, that are moving relative to each other and particles count as observers. Those observers don’t agree on how much time passes between two events and they also don’t agree on how much space there is between things at any given moment. And they don’t even agree on chronological events and yet each observer measures things properly and is entirely consistent. This means neither of them is wrong. Even though it sounds absurd, there are plenty of resources, that supports this claiming. 

That is why in the video is explained, what they imply about the nature of reality. If you think about it more, some of the implications are almost unbelievable. As an example, he is using disagreement on sequences of events. If two people cannot agree on sequence of events that means, that someone’s past is in someone else’s future

See the full video below and let us know what you think!

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