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Points (Source: http://goo.gl/j2cu5t)

Finally, the street signs have joined in!
Breakfast NY have created Points, digital street signs, that look normal at first glance. The signs are complete with a post, and three signs, any of the signs can rotate 360 degrees in either direction at the push of a button and the messages displayed on them can be changed on queue.
The signs have built-in sensors to allow the controlling software to know exactly where each sign is pointing, so it can do periodic checks if it’s actually facing in the right direction.

Each sign uses a 16,000 LED display, with the versatility to display text and graphical characters in a variety of sizes. The signs come with onboard controls, but can also be operated over a wireless internet connection. 90% of the mechanical parts are milled from lightweight aluminum, helping keep the entire thing lightweight for easier transport.

The features make it ideal for signage use in outdoor festivals, brand events, and trade shows where a dynamic directional signage can come in handy.

[sc:youtube id=mEvc0RjghbY]

Visit the official Points website: http://pointssign.com/

Andrew J. Blanche

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