This Fridge Uses Zero Energy By Suspending It In Gel


One of the top 25 finalist in the Electrolux Lab competition invented fridge, which stores your food in gel-like material.

Do you know what is on the first place. when it comes to the biggest energy suckers? Air conditioners. Do you know what is on second place? If you guessed fridge, you were right. Fridge uses up to 13.7% of the total household power expenditure, air conditioner s have 14.1%. Of course, since the fridge was invented we were able to refine its expenditure from 1400 kWh/year to abour 350 kWh/year on average. This is an impressive reduction of 75%.


75 is a very nice number, but as you could read before, it is still not enough and fridge is still on the second place. That is why the teams of designers and researchers are working very hard, so we can have better life and environment too. Russian designer, Yuriy Dmitriev,  is probably one of those people too. He came out of the Electrolux Design Lab, and introduced his Bio Robot Refrigerator. 

Bio Robot Refridgerator is sleek, wall mounted fridge that does not only look cool, but also cools your food in the most interesting way possible – by shoving food into odourless, non-stick bio-polymer gel. Yes, that is correct. 


Once, there is an item in the fridge and placed into the gel-like substance, it becomes encapsulated in a bubble, where it is kept cool by thermal retention. Supposedly, the gel works by transforming the incoming UV radiation into visible light and this provides the cooling via different wavelengths.


One of the coolest features it does have is storage space. Up to 90% of the fridge can be used for storing food because there is no need for motor or any electric cooling system. It does not have any drawers or doors and it is four times smaller than regular fridge. 

As great as this sounds, there is still work, that Dmitriev has to do. The designer also has to do some more explaining on how exactly this fridge work, because we are not sure, whether this is simply just an eccentric dream.

But it does not really matter, because it is nice to see effort being made by inventors, who are trying to reduce energy usage of everyday objects and help people with their lives.

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Michaela Miklusak

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