How to Become Invisible

How to Become Invisible

Scientists Make Headway Toward How to Become Invisible

Fiction and science fiction world has long been playing with the idea how to become invisible, from Harry Potter’s cloak to invisible spaceship shields. In reality, developing a device capable of deflecting light in the way that would make objects invisible is extremely difficult.

A group of materials scientists at the University of Central Florida has come possibly the closest to such device so far. The team led by Debashis Chandra has achieved to optical properties across a large swath of material, thanks to technology called nanotransfer printing. This is a major step in development in the effort to develop invisible cloak and make it real to human could become invisible.

Thanks to nanotransfer printing, the team was able to create a 3D metamaterial with multilayer design, which allows it to precisely bend visible light in. Furthermore, the pattern printed onto the material makes manipulation of the visible range on the electromagnetic spectrum possible. Printing such materials on a nano-scale is a major improvement to previous attempts, where only micron-scale was reached.

Moreover, due to its unique properties, the technology developed for the invisibility cloak could also be used for very different purposes. For example, the metamaterials can be used in biomedicine to detect diseases and eliminate tumors. Its ability to regulate heat energy can utilized in space to manage the temperature of telescopes, satellites, and other sensitive devices. Metamaterials can be also useful in computing industry, as the circuits made of such material would move light instead of electrons, making them significantly faster.


If you interested in this topic, we recommend to you watch also the video below to find out more cool information about the ways to make objects invisible.

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