New GoPro Hero 4 Specs Revealed

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New GoPro Hero 4 Specs Revealed

New GoPro Hero 4 specs are even more impressive

GoPro has updated its notorius camera line with three brand new models, from the high-end Hero 4 Black, medium-range Hero 4 Silver, to the more affordable Hero. The Silver and Black models will also be available in three variants – Standard, Surf, and Music, while the basic Hero model will come in one variant only. I am pretty much sure that you must have been wondering what the GoPro Hero 4 specs are. Here’s what you get:

GoPro Hero 4 Black specifications

Price: £369/US$499/AU$639

The Hero 3+ Black was introduced in November 2013 featuring 4K video, new waterproof case, and more power and optical precision.

The new Hero 4 Black comes with double the power, which enables the device to record 4k at smooth 30fps and 1080p at 120fps, giving users more options when plaing with slow motion.

No big changes have been made to the hardware, which keeps the classic GoPro style. But there are two new features here too. Now you get Bluetooth in addition to Wi-Fi, making the camera much more connectible and suitable for remote control.


GoPro Hero 4 Silver specifications

Price: £290/US$399/AU$509

The Silver model lies in the middle of the GoPro Hero range. It is capable of capturing 1080p at 60fps, and includes some useful features, such as a touch display, and a compeltely new feature called ProTuns, which will give the user more control over camera’s various settings, although the company has not released enough details about this feature yet.

You can choose from three versions for the Black and White editions. The Standard follows on from the previous version with a waterproof case. The Surf edition packs also a surfboard mount and the Music edition adds a special frame that allows you to connect two different mounts that are designed for musicians –  an instrument mount and a microphone mount.


GoPro Hero 4 specifications



It might be an entry-level device, but the technical specs of this camera are still impressive at this price. Video processing capacity is not as amazing as with the higher models, but 1080p at 30fps is nothing to be ashamed of, while 5mp stills at 5fps are nice too. However, the missing connectivity features like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth will be a problem for more demanding users.

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