Human De-Evolution

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Human De-Evolution

What do I mean by term Human De-Evolution?

People like to think about themselves as the masterpiece of evolutionary progress. But that’s not really true. Because evolution works only with what is available to it, leading to a body that is full of compromises and far from perfect. In fact, in modern society, humans are becoming weaker and weaker over time and this process is called human de-evolution. Here are examples, why we’re not as perfect as we think we are:


Our ankles and feet were originally used for tree-climbing. As a result, they are made of large number of small bones, making them relatively vulnerable to damage. Our feet are also designed for walking, making them bad for landing on their sides. Sprained ankles are the perfect proof of this.

Backward Evolution


For most of our history, humans have been living with all kinds of parasites, which have also evolved to protect themselves from our immune system. But in recent history, developed world have mostly eradicated parasitic infections. Their absence may be one of the reasons why our immune systems are overreacting to benign irritators, resulting in dramatic increases of allergies and autoimmune diseases.

Reverse Evolution


Our impulse to crave sugary and calorie-rich foods have been useful in our history, when such foods were rare. But now, this impulse leads to great problems of obesity and diabetes. And don’t expect evolution to solve this quickly – it took 9,000 years after people domesticated cows to evolve the ability to digest their milk.




Human pelvis is so narrow that giving birth to our big-headed human babies is often a difficult and risky procedure. But bigger pelvis would make walking upright more difficult. Evolution has at least provided us with a social tools that allow us to give successful birth to children: “We’re able to ameliorate the dangers using culture,” says Karen Rosenberg, a paleoanthropologist at University of Delaware. “That includes midwives and birth attendants.”


Human De-Evolution (Funny Picture)

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