This Elevator Moves Horizontally and Vertically!

Elevator that moves horizontally

Maglev elevator moves horizontally as well as vertically

To be honest, I don’t think, that I can imagine being without elevator. The elevator is feature, that all skyscrapers have. Recently, there has been a huge change of the elevators as we know them now. I bet, that you have heard about company called ThysenKrupp. This company is German tech giant and they are the reason, why the new elevator was born.

ThyssenKrupp elevator

ThyssenKrupp elevator

ThyssenKrupp recently introduced technology, that allows more than one car in single shaft and the lifts can also go sideways as well as up and down. It is believed, that this new model will help to revolutionize modern architecture, because central blocks of elevator shafts will no longer be restrictions in designing the buildings. Residents will benefit from lower waiting time, due to multiple elevators and there will be also more space for other apartments, offices and other facilities.

The key to being successful in this breakthrough is a linear motor, which they adapted from the Transrapid magnetic levitation train which was built for Shanghai in collaboration with Siemens. There won’t be multiple motors hiding somewhere in the building, because the car will need only one motor in order to move horizontally and also vertically. The cars will move in loops, which will cut down waiting time to as low as 15-30 seconds.

ThyssenKrupp said, that if we would decide to replace old elevators with maglev technology, it could occupy up to 50 percent less space, depending on height. The first building, which will have this prototype system is now being built in Rottweil, Germany. The expected time to finish is 2016, when the public will be able to try the system.


The German giant is also trying to include maglev technology to other applications. This year, they also revealed the speed passenger walkways. Every pallet has its own motor and it moves slower, when you step on it, but it will accelerate to 7 kilometers per hour in between. The main target for this form of transportation are airports and short-range transit systems in urban areas.

Do you think this elevator would be suitable also for the tallest building ever built?

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