PL-01 Hi-Tech Stealth Tank

PL-01 Stealth Tank

Military needs advanced tanks for fighting a war and PL-01 tank from Poland is the unique solution.

Technological interest of military has certainly changed over the last years. Reduced budgets and better efficiency have contributed to huge interest in drones, and a lot of funding have gone their way too. Despite the obvious advantages of drones, military still needs tanks for fighting a war.

Tank’s strength can be hardly matched by drones. But the precision, stealth and deadly efficiency of drones have become preferred over brute force of tanks. Now, some of those stealthy features may also be making their way into tanks. Polish military has developed a tank that is capable of hiding from enemy fire and striking at the same time. The tank that has been named PL-01 features 120 mm primary gun and carries two turrets. Furthermore, PL-01 incorporates a coaxial 7.62 machine gun and a weapon station which is remote controlled.


But the main innovation is its radar and thermal camouflage system, which makes PL-01 tank invisible to most weapon systems. This infrared camouflage consists of hexagonal plates that are capable of altering the tank’s heat signature to that of its surroundings. As a result, weapons that rely on infrared targeting system, used in most missiles and drones, will have hard time locating the tank.

PL-01 Tank

The first working PL-01 prototype should be ready by 2016, and possible production would start at the end of this decade. But the feasibility of this concept remains to be seen.


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