Heart Bleed Computer Virus

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Heart Bleed Computer Virus

Numerous devices will never be patched to repair heart bleed computer virus

Recently uncovered heart bleed computer virus probably affects about two-thirds of websites, and has prompted many users to change their passwords. And although software makers have rushed to release updates that would fix the bug, many devices that we don’t even think about will probably never get fixed.

Software called OpenSSL, in which the heart bleed computer virus was found, is part of many devices that connect homes, offices, and industrial settings to the internet. Devices like networking hardware, home automation systems, and even some industrial control systems are infrequently updated and therefore might be left with the bug for a long time.

For example, many basic web servers run OpenSSL and will need updating. But manufacturers are unlikely to release patches for all devices, and even when they do, customers will patch only part of them.

Cable boxes and home routers also belong to this problematic category. Internet provides use countless number of models of these devices, all of them with the bug.

The problem has also not avoided many companies and industrial user with more expensive systems. Many of these devices get rarely updated, and a large-scale scan of internet addresses showed that hundreds of thousands of such devices are badly configured and not patched.


In the video below Rawlings Atlantic Director Sanford Dickert sheds light on the Heartbleed bug and explains how you can protect yourself:

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