Spotted: 4 Amazing UFO Sightings In 2014

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Did you catch 4 most famous UFO’s from last year?

The year 2014 was probably like many before – interesting things have happened, new discoveries were made and the need for exploration of Space pushed us forward at a faster rate then ever. I am not sure whether this is the reason, why the number of worldwide spotted UFO has started to increase over the past two years. I guess, that depends whether you do believe in UFO or not.

That is why, in case you missed it, we have 4 most unique and interesting sightings of UFO that were recorded in 2014


During the television coverage of the protests in Hong Kong last year, suddenly strange looking green light approaches one of the building. After that it reaches the highest part, hover around and after that shoots in the sky. Many people think, that this is just a drone.

Triangle UFO

The person who captured this video has spent entire life in the army and currently is an instructor of combat. The person recorded this video in September . People argue that the video could be showing a refueling operation in mid air with the lights off, such an operation is dangerous and does not usually take place in populated area.


UFO captured by News Agency

During an “ordinary filming on a ordinary day”, news agency in western Canada captured strange looking object that appeared from nowhere. The object has an extremely weird shape and also the trajectory seemed bit off. What do you think about the video?

The Toronto Sighting

This video has a label “more interesting” written all over it. It probably is because is has not been explained yet. Some people think, that it might be military craft was hovering over city. Many witnesses posted social media their own pictures so it was mass sighting that was seen by thousands. Even police saw it. See the video.

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