Change Your Gene & DNA With Simple Thought!


Scientists created a gene network that can be controlled by thoughts.

Power of thoughts is really remarkable. It can change our thinking about certain things and it can reasure us that what we know, what we believe in is right. Martin Fussenegger, professor at ETH Zurich also know the power of thought. He was the team leader of a research, where scientists created a gene network, which can be controlled by thoughts.


This diagram for the experiment shows how the system interprets and transforms specific brainwaves to power a near-infrared LED and cause a gene to trigger release of a protein, Credit: Folcher M et al./Nature Communications

Have you ever heard about epigenetics? If not, don’t worry. Is is believed, that we are, in some sense, a victims. Victims who do not have any control of our body functions. However, epigenetics moves you out of victim-hood into Mastery. Mastery of your own health.

Martin Fussenegger said: “For the first time, we have been able to tap into human brainwaves, transfer them wirelessly to a gene network and regulate the expression of a gene depending on the type of thought. Being able to control gene expression via the power of thought is a dream that we’ve been chasing for over a decade.” 

The system was presented in journal Nature Communications. This system records brainwaves and after that transmits them into an implant which uses an LED lamp, which produces near infrared light. The culture chamber containing genetically modified cells is illuminated which in turn tells them to start producing the desire proteins.


Thoughts control a near-infrared LED, which starts the production of a molecule in a reaction chamber. Credit: Martin Fussenegger et al., ETH Zurich

ETH Zurich stated, that in order to regulate the quantity of released protein the test subjects were categorized into three states of mind. First state of mind was bio-feedback, second meditation and third, and final, was concentration. The test subjects who were concentrating (playing Minecraft) induced average SEAP values in the bloodstream of the animals. On the other hand, completely relaxed subjects (meditation), the values of the SEAP were in the test animals. For bio-feedback, the test animals observed the LED light of the implant in the body of the mouse and were able to consciously switch the LED light on or off via the visual feedback. This in turn was reflected by the varying amounts of SEAP in the bloodstream of the mice.


Even though that this research is not 100 percent valid yet, everything is moving in the right direction. I guess we just have to wait. According to cellular biologist Dr. Bruce Lipton this is the new way of understanding biology.


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