Awesome Intersection Design To Avoid Traffic Jams

Clover Leaf Shaped Interchange

Clover Leaf Shaped Interchange (Source:

There are no gridlocked roads in Li Xu’s world. Traffic flows smoothly and specially designed intersections keep everyone on the move.

A clover-leaf-shaped interchange system designed by college student, Li Xu, has moved one step closer to being awarded a government patent. The student from Harbin Institute of Technology in Northeast China takes aim at reducing the severe trafic congestion in Beijing with his plan. Li’s intersection design proposes several swerve lanes, which help cars move ahead or turn in any direction without running into each other. It also shortens the distance needed to make a U-turn and the traffic lights usually seen at intersections are removed, saving waiting time. The bridge has just one layer for the overpass and the design is quite handy for drivers to navigate their way. His inspiration came from a business contract his father lost 6 years ago because of a traffic jam. Encouraged by his father, Li chose urban planning in college, and endeavored to make improvements on the traffic situation in the capital. Many online comments have appealed to the government to use the design to help ease severe traffic congestion in cities. “I hope the result will prove that the design is reliable and could benefit more people,” he said.


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Andrew J. Blanche

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