Origin Of A Stonehenge Is Subject Of New Theory

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Stonehenge was probably an equivalent of and ancient Mecca

Since Geoffrey of Monmouth wrote in 12th century that Merlin flown the stones from Ireland, stories, some more absurd than the others, have raised.  Whether they are saying it was a Druid temple, a centre for healing or an astronomical calendars, Stonehenge is still source of debate and speculations. Now, new theory popped out and it suggests that the prehistoric monument was “an ancient Mecca on stilts“.


“Merlin Building Stonehenge” Merlin is shown placing a lintel in position. (British Museum, Egerton MS 3028, mid-fourteenth century)

The theory suggests that the megaliths were not used for ceremonies at ground level, but instead it supported wooden platform on which ceremonies were held. Julian Spalding, former director of the UK’s leading museums said, that the stones were part of a “great altrar”. Even though she is not an archaeologist, she believes that other theorists have made mistake by looking down instead of looking up. He believes, that the evidence is in ancient civilizations worldwide, because in China, Peru or Turkey, all the monuments were built high up.


Stonehenge, source

“In early times, no spiritual ceremonies would have been performed on the ground. The Pharaoh of Egypt and the Emperor of China were always carried – as the Pope used to be. The feet of holy people were not allowed to touch the ground. We’ve been looking at Stonehenge from a modern, earth-bound perspective,” he said. 

The theory was not accepted by all, for example Prof. Vincent Gaffney said that the held a fair degree of skepticism, and Sir Barry Cunliffe said that he could be right, but there is no evidence to support it.


Today, May 4, Spalding is releasing his theories in a new book called Realisation: From Seeing to Understanding – The Origins of Art. It explores our ancestors’ unxderstanding of the world and it offers new explanations of iconic works of art and monuments.

Stonehenge was built between 300 and 2000BC. It is England’s most famous prehistoric monument and it also belongs to UNESCO World Heritage. Every year, more than 1 million visitors per year. 

source: guardian.com

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