Direct Brain to Brain Connection was Successful


Are we able to read others minds? 

 The idea of people being able to use telepathy on a daily basis has been around for quite a while. From time to time, we can see it in movies or we just like to imagine how it would be if we’re able to do it. The University of Washington might be the one with answers for brain to brain communication. They have successfully replicated direct connection between multiple pairs of people. The study involved six people, who were connected to each other in pairs from different areas of the  University campus. After that, the researcher sent signals from one person’s brain over the internet to another. This was an attempt to control the other’s hand motions with thought.


UW students, Darby Losey (left) and Jose Ceballos; Credit: Mary Levin

It was not as simple as it sounds, but in order to follow the correct way, the researchers had to separate the subjects and close off certain perceptions of the study method. Every one of the senders of a thought was seated in front of a computer game. The principle of this game was, that he or she had to defend a city by firing a cannon and intercepting rockets launched from the pirate ship. This sounds like fun, but they were not able to use hands. They could do so, only by using their brains. For example, when a rocket was coming, they had to think about stopping it.


Schematic diagram of setup

Every one of the receivers had to sit in a dark room with headphones on and no ability to see the computer game. Their right hand was placed on the touch-pad, that would fire cannon when trapped. I believe, that now you know where this is heading – if the connection was successful, the sender would be able to make the receiver to tap the touch-pad and destroy the rocket.


In a more scientific way, one of the people was connected to an electroencephalography machine that can read brain activities and sends electrical pulses via the web to the receiver. The receiver was wearing a cap with a transcranial magnetic stimulation coil place near brain area, which controls all of our movement.

However the results had accuracy range from 25 to 83 percent, this is a significant success. The researches also got a grant of approximately 812.000 Euro ($1 million) from the W.M Keck Foundation to continue their study. This clearly shows how big the potential everyone sees.


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