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Coronavirus Season


This newsletter has always been about the future. Now the future has arrived. The novel coronavirus is a bright light shining on 2020, this world, our times. The real features of the economy, geopolitics, science, technology, and local governance have been revealed not just in the highlights, but also in...


The Whole Is Always Less Than the Sum


The Whole Is Always Less Than the Sum (2nd article) 1. Always remember: there has been strong and organized opposition to each and every advance in civil rights. “A fourth of publicly held corporations with headquarters in California don’t have any women on their boards of directors. These companies have...


How to Teach a Robot How to Make a Bed


How to a Teach Robot How to Make a Bed (5th article) 1. Where centralized power fails, the generators spin up to distribute locally. “Sam says he doesn’t buy backup juice for his apartment, which he rented last spring. Somewhere along the electrical wires cast like nets across the city, a...


128GB DDR4 RAM Module Developed by Korean Chipmaker


SK Hynix, a Korean chipmaker developes double data rate four modules with capacity of 128GB. They say it’s currently the industry leading technology. These new DRR4 modules are significantly faster and more efficient than it’s predecessor since it’s based on Through Silicon Via (TSV) technology wich also allows dynamic random access...

Winter Depression

What Causes Winter Depression?


Do you suffer with winter depression? Your brain knows why. Have you ever experienced, that your mood started to change when winter was approaching? Some sort of “winter blues”? Scientist recently found out biological cause, that can explain why you developed seasonal affective disorder connected with winter. It might sound...

New GoPro Hero 4 Specs Revealed

New GoPro Hero 4 Specs Revealed


New GoPro Hero 4 specs are even more impressive GoPro has updated its notorius camera line with three brand new models, from the high-end Hero 4 Black, medium-range Hero 4 Silver, to the more affordable Hero. The Silver and Black models will also be available in three variants – Standard, Surf,...

Hacked billboard

Four Russians Hacked Billboard on Top of Skyscraper


Four Russian daredevils well known for climbing to the top of the Shanghai tower came up with ridiculously stunning footage of the way how they hacked billboard on the top of the Hong Kong Skyscraper. They basically took some GoPro cameras and managed to get to the top of the tower via some...

Tesla S

Tesla Model S Gets Upgraded Armor


Last year, several model S Teslas cough fire on the roads, and the safety of the popular electric sedan has come under scrutiny. National Traffic Safety Administration was investigating these incidents and finally released a report that found no defects with the car. However, Tesla decided to upgrade its underbody...

Battery Biodegrades

New Battery Biodegrades Inside The Human Body


The most troubling issue with implantable medical devices like pacemakers is to provide them with power. There are some wireless solutions in the air, but they are mostly too bulky and large. So far, the best solution have to been to put a battery inside the body together with the...

Oldest Star

The Oldest Known Star In The Universe Discovered


After the Big Bang, the first stars started to form from the heating hydrogen gas roughly 13.7 billion years ago. Now, a team of astronomers led by Stefan Keller of The Australian National University have discovered one of the first stars. The astronomers led by Dr. Keller’s operate the SkyMapper telescope...


Scientists Claim Teleportation is Possible


The idea of teleportation has always been popular in science-fiction literature. But like some other technologies, teleportation might actually step from fiction into reality. Recent developments in quantum theory and relativity physics have been making progress in exploring the concept of teleportation for some time now. Numerous teleportation breakthroughs have...

Gliese 581 System

“100% Chance” For Life On Newly Found Planet


Four inner planets of the Gliese 581 system and their host star in an artist rendering. A team of astronomers have discovered a planet like Earth, with basic conditions suitable for life, 20 light years (120 trillion miles) from our planet. ”The chances for life on this planet are 100...